BG LFB Flex Bb Clarinet Ligature and Cap


BG LFB Flex Bb Clarinet Ligature and Cap

The BG company is based in France and is known within the Woodwind world for its premium range of accessories. The LFB is a new more flexible type of ligature than the usual BG offerings.

Due to it’s softer more flexible design it feels a little more forgiving and less stiff. This is also reflected in the sound which feels a little freer than say the Standard BG model. The single screw design remains in place and ensures the ligature stays firmly in position.

All in all a good, inexpensive option for Clarinet that doesn’t push a particular feeling on the sound, it just lets the reed do it’s job with freedom which is what you want.

  • Single screw design ensures the ligature stays correctly positioned and will not slip.
  • Designed to fit onto most standard sized plastic or ebonite Clarinet mouthpieces.
  • More flexible and supple than other standard BG models.
  • Offers a medium resistance feel.
  • Supplied with plastic cap to fit.
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