Sea Interlude Number 1 By Joseph Knight


This is a five minute feature piece for Orchestra and is suitable for most concert settings. The orchestration features only one unusual instrument (the vibraphone), but this can be substituted for any mallet/keyboard instrument.

The price includes full score and parts.

There is a YouTube video performance made through using the NotePerformer software:

See demo here

Sea Interlude No.1 By Joseph Knight

The idea of writing a Sea Interlude came from two things, one was the many walks I take by the sea with my family and the other are the four wonderful Interludes from Britten's Opera “Peter Grimes”. There is no set form for a sea interlude, indeed the term seems to be solely used for Britten's works, so I decided to use a story as my loose basis for this piece as there is no wider context for it as in the Britten. The story is that of John Newton who was a slave trader turned evangelist. His ship (empty of slaves but full of beeswax and dyer's wood), The Greyhound, encountered a serious storm off the coast of Ireland near Donegal and almost sank. Newton awoke in the middle of the night and finally called out to God as the ship filled with water. After he called out, the cargo came out and stopped up the hole. The music follows this story with a flowing melody to start depicting a sea voyage and then moves into a more discordant section which depicts the storm and Newton's agony. The music stops briefly as Newton calls out and then subsides back to the original theme, slowed and now centring around the chord of C major, as it is realised the ship is safe.

Please see our video demo below…

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