A Star In The East


This film is the composer himself singing through the pieces with his own accompaniments.

A Star In the East is a selection of new Christmas Carols by composer Derek Mill. Derek was head of music at a large comprehensive high school in Norfolk for almost 30 years. Born in Sunderland, he trained at Matlock College where he
gained an honours degree in Education. He plays the French Horn, trumpet, violin, viola, recorder, piano, keyboards and sackbutt! He is also an accomplished singer.

The carols he has composed offer a fresh interpretation of the Christmas Narrative. They include:

Answer Me,

Bethlehem Children,

Christmas Days,

Christmas Hoedown,


Holy Child,

In The Sky Shone A Star,

Joseph’s Song,

Follow The Star,

What a Difference,

What’s All The Fuss About,

They are ideal for School, Church or Youth Club use and are presented beautifully in one volume. Why not try A Star In The East this Christmas?

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