Four Impressions for Piano By Joseph Knight


These four studies are based upon four different intervals. They start with the interval of a fourth and then move to the fifth, the sixth and finally the seventh. The idea of them is that they can be played as individual pieces or as a work in its own right.

The First is in a ternary form and works its way through different interpretations of the forth. The second is in a ritornello form. The third piece is merely a development of the first three bars. The fourth movement returns to a ternary form and finishes with an opposite run from the end of the first movement.

Here is a link to hear them:

J Knight 2017

About Joseph Knight

Joseph Knight B.Mus (Hons) P.G.C.E. is a graduate of Huddersfield University where he studied performance under the legendary Geoffrey Whitham; Composition under composers Peter Lawson & Margaret Lucy Wilkins; Brass Band Arranging under Sandy Smith & played under the baton of Philip McCann.

Joe has written extensively for Brass Band and solo brass instruments over the years, although that is by no means the limit of his capabilities. He has written his first full symphony, smaller works for orchestra, piano music & tutor books, small ensemble music (including string quartet and brass quintet), choral music, two children's musicals and for many other groups as well.

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