The Real Book: Volume II - Second Edition (E Flat Instruments)


The Real Book is an alternative to the plethora of poorly designed, illegible, inaccurate and badly edited volumes which abound on the market today. Clear and accurate, the Real Book series aims to provide a selection of music that is both easy to read and enjoyable to perform.

Arranged for E flat instruments, this edition of The Real Book: Volume II contains 400 songs, including Moon River, Georgia On My Mind, Fly Me To The Moon, Oye Como Va and many more well-known tunes.

Song List
Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) [Howard, Bart]
Willow Weep For Me [Ronell, Ann]
Cheesecake [Gordon, Dexter]
If I Should Lose You [Robin, Leo] [Rainger, Ralph]
St. Thomas [Rollins, Sonny]
Killer Joe [Golson, Benny]
Tenor Madness [Rollins, Sonny]
I Have Dreamed [Rodgers, Richard]
Cold Duck Time [Harris, Eddie]
Ran Kan Kan [Puente, Tito]
Just The Way You Are [Joel, Billy]
Basin Street Blues [Williams, Spencer]
Blues March [Golson, Benny]
Five Spot After Dark [Golson, Benny]
Sandu [Brown, Clifford]
Tenderly [Gross, Walter] [Lawrence, Jack]
Fever [Davenport, John] [Cooley, Eddie]
Petite Fleur (Little Flower) [Bechet, Sidney]
Frenesi [Dominguez, Alberto]
Off Minor [Monk, Thelonious]
Doxy [Rollins, Sonny]
In Walked Bud [Monk, Thelonious]
Caravan [Ellington, Duke]
Bloomdido [Parker, Charlie]
Whisper Not [Golson, Benny]
Budo [Davis, Miles] [Powell, Bud]
Five Brothers [Mulligan, Gerry]
Moten Swing [Moten, Buster] [Moten, Bennie]
Girl Talk [Hefti, Neal] [Troup, Bobby]
I Get Along Without You Very Well (Except Sometimes) [Carmichael, Hoagy]
Cool Blues [Parker, Charlie]
Havona [Pastorius, Jaco]
If I Were A Bell [Loesser, Frank]
Little Sunflower [Hubbard, Freddie]
Nature Boy [Ahbez, Eden]
Another Star [Wonder, Stevie]
The Masquerade [Russell, Leon]
Day By Day [Cahn, Sammy] [Stordahl, Axel] [Weston, Paul]
Feels So Good [Mangione, Chuck]
Cast Your Fate To The Wind [Guaraldi, Vince] [Werver, Carel]
In The Still Of The Night [Porter, Cole]
Close Your Eyes [Petkere, Bernice]
Dinah [Akst, Harry] [Lewis, Sam M.] [Young, Joe]
I Believe In You [Loesser, Frank]
Jeannine [Pearson, Duke]
The Nearness Of You [Carmichael, Hoagy] [Washington, Ned]
Say It (Over And Over Again) [Loesser, Frank] [McHugh, Jimmy]
Skyliner [Barnet, Charlie]
C-Jam Blues [Ellington, Duke]
Blue Skies [Berlin, Irving]
Pick Yourself Up [Kern, Jerome] [Fields, Dorothy]
All Alone (Left Alone) [Holiday, Billie] [Waldron, Mal]
Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans [De Lange, Eddie] [Alter, Louis]
Imagination [Van Heusen, Jimmy] [Burke, Johnny]
Like Young [Webster, Paul] [Previn, Andre]
Look For The Silver Lining [Kern, Jerome] [Desylva, Buddy]
Lover [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]
One Morning In May [Carmichael, Hoagy] [Parish, Mitchell]
Smoke Rings [Gifford, H. Eugene] [Washington, Ned]
Cousin Mary [Coltrane, John]
Stardust [Carmichael, Hoagy] [Parish, Mitchell]
Crazeology [Harris, Bennie]
No Moe [Rollins, Sonny]
Come Rain Or Come Shine [Arlen, Harold] [Mercer, Johnny]
Speak Low [Weill, Kurt] [Nash, Ogden]
Dat Dere [Timmons, Bobby]
Birdland [Zawinul, Josef]
Bali Ha’i [Rodgers, Richard] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]
You Are Beautiful [Rodgers, Richard] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]
Air Mail Special [Goodman, Benny] [Mundy, Jimmy] [Christian, Charlie]
(All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings [Rome, Harold] [Jamblan] [Herpin, Laurent]
Alfie’s Theme [Rollins, Sonny]
Adam’s Apple [Shorter, Wayne]
Ablution [Tristand, Lennie]
Pannonica [Monk, Thelonious]
Azure [Ellington, Duke]
Baby, It’s Cold Outside [Loesser, Frank]
Ba-Lue Bolivar Ba-Lues-Are (Bolivar Blues) [Monk, Thelonious]
At The Mambo Inn [Sampson, Grace] [Woodlen, Bobby] [Bauza, Mario]
Ask Me Now [Monk, Thelonious]
Are You Havin’ Any Fun [Fain, Sammy] [Yellen, Jack]
Robbin’s Nest [Thompson, Sir Charles] [Jacquet, ‘Illinois’]
The Red One [Metheny, Pat]
Rhythm-A-Ning [Monk, Thelonious]
Route 66 [Troup, Bobby]
Rosetta [Hines, Earl] [Wood, Henri]
Question & Answer [Metheny, Pat]
Prisoner Of Love [Robin, Leo] [Gaskill, Clarence] [Columbo, Russ]
Bags And Trane [Jackson, Milt]
Booker’s Waltz [Little, Booker]
Brian’s Song [Powell, Earl Bud] [Fuller, Walter]
Bohemia After Dark [Pettiford, Oscar]
Blue Seven [Rollins, Sonny]
Blues For Wood [Woody, Shaw]
Blues By Five [Garland, Red]
Cantelope Island [Herbie, Hancock]
Chasin’ The Trane [Coltrane, John]
The Champ [Gillespie, Dizzy]
Candy [Kramer, Alex] [Whitney, Joan] [David, Mack]
Bunko [Niehous, Lennie]
Brilliant Corners [Monk, Thelonious]
Bye Bye Blackbird [Henderson, Ray] [Dixon, Mort]
Buster Rides Again [Powell, Earl ‘Bud’]
Blue Serge [Ellington, Mercer]
Better Leave It Alone [Jordan, Clifford]
Be-Bop [Gillespie, John ‘Dizzy’]
Big P [Heath, Jimmy]
Beyond The Sea [Trenet, Charles] [Lasry, Albert] [Lawrence, Jack]
Barbara [Silver, Horace]
Baltimore Oriole [Carmichael, Hoagy] [Webster, Paul Francis]
Black And Tan Fantasy [Ellington, Duke] [Miley, Bub]
The Birth Of The Blues [Henderson, Ray] [DeSylva, B. G.] [Brown, Lew]
Blue N’ Boogie [Gillespie, John ‘Dizzy’] [Paparelli, Frank]
Blow Mr. Dexter [Gordon, Dexter]
Birk’s Works [Gillespie, John ‘Dizzy’]
Billie’s Blues (I Love My Man) [Holiday, Billie]
Bill’s Hit Tune [Evans, Bill]
Bird Feathers [Parker, Charlie]
Billie’s Bounce (Bill’s Bounce) [Parker, Charlie]
Russian Lullaby [Berlin, Irving]
Trane’s Blues [Coltrane, John]
Tippin’ [Silver, Horace]
Tomorrow’s Destiny [Shaw, Woody]
Walkin’ Shoes [Mulligan, Gerry]
Things To Come [Gillespie, Dizzy] [Fuller, Gil]
There’s A Small Hotel [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]
This Year’s Kisses [Berlin, Irving]
Till There Was You [Willson, Meredith]
The Thumper [Heath, Jimmy]
A Walkin’ Thing [Carter, Jerry]
Without A Song [Rose, Willism] [Elisch, Edward] [Youmans, Vincent]
A Wonderful Day Like Today [Bricusse, Leslie] [Newley, Anthony]
You’re Nobody Til’ Somebody Loves You [Morgan, Russ] [Stock, Larry] [Cavanaugh, James]
Work Song [Adderly, Nat] [Brown Jnr, Oscar]
You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To [Porter, Cole]
Wow [Tristand, Lennie]
Webb City [Powell, Earl ‘Bud’]
Watch What Happens [Legrand, Michael] [Demy, Jacques] [Gimbel, Norman]
Watercolors [Metheny, Pat]
Who Can I turn To (When Nobody Needs Me) [Briclisse, Leslie] [Newley, Anthony]
The Whopper [Metheny, Pat]
What’ll I Do? [Berlin, Irving]
Teenie’s Blues [Nelson, Oliver E.]
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes [Kern, Jerome] [Harbach, Otto]
Softly As A Morning Sunrise [Romberg, Sigmund] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]
Sippin’ At Bells [Davis, Miles]
Slipped Disc [Goodman, Benny]
Some Other Blues [Coltrane, John]
Soul Eyes [Waldron, Mal]
Soultrane [Dameron, Tadd]
Song For Bilbao [Metheny, Pat]
Songbird (Thank You For Your Lovely Song) [McGlotton, Loonis]
September Song [Weil, Kurt] [Anderson, Maxwell]
Sack Of Woe [Adderley, Julian]
Salt Peanuts [Gillespie, John ‘Dizzy’] [Clarke, Kenny]
Simone [Foster, Frank]
Serene [Dolphy, Eric]
Shutterbug [Johnson, J. J.]
Speak Child [Hancock, Herbie]
The Swingin’ Shepherd Blues [Koffman, Moe] [Roberts, Rhoda] [Jacobson, Kenny]
Syeeda’s Song Flute [Coltrane, John]
Tanga [Gillespie, John ‘Dizzy’]
Straight Life [Hubbard, Freddie]
Strayhorn 2 [Mulligan Gerry]
Spiral [Coltrane, John]
St. Louis Blues [Handy W. C.]
Strode Rode [Rollins, Sonny]
Strollin [Silver, Horace]
Struttin’ With Some Barbeque [Hardin Armstrong, Lillian] [Raye, Don]
Leila [Montgomery, John L. (Wes)]
Lakes [Metheny, Pat]
The Kicker [Henderson, Joe]
Katrina Ballerina [Shaw, Woody]
Let’s Cool One [Thelonious, Monk]
Lonely Dreams [Gibbs, Terry]
Lone Jack [Metheny, Jack] [Mays, Lyle]
Little Chicago Fire [Foster, Frank]
It’s So Peaceful In The Country [Wilder, Alec]
Jingles [Montgomery, John L. (Wes)]
It’s All Right With Me [Porter, Cole]
It Could Happen To You [Van Heusen, James] [Burke, Johnny]
Island Birdie [Tyner, McCoy]
It Will Have To Do Until The Real Thing Comes Along [Holiner, Mann] [Nichols, Alberta] [Chaplin, Saul] [Freeman, L. E.] [Cahn, Sammy]
Jitterbug Waltz [Waller, Thomas ‘Fats’]
Just A Settin’ And A Rockin’ [Ellington, Duke] [Strayhorn, Billy]
Just A Few [Rodgers, Shorty]
June Is Bustin’ Out All Over [Rodgers, Richard] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]
Jump, Jive An’ Wail [Prima, Louis]
My Little Suade Shoes [Parker, Charlie]
No Splice [Konitz, Lee]
Move [De Costa Best, Denzil]
Moonglow [Hudson, Will] [De Lange, Eddie] [Mills, Irving]
Moon River [Mancine, Henry] [Mercer, Johnny]
More Than You Know [Youmans, Vincent] [Rose, William] [Elisch, Edward]
Moose On The Mooche [Parker, Charlie]
North Atlantic Run [Mulligan, Gerry]
One By One [Shorter, Wayne]
Out Back Of The Barn [Mulligan, Gerry]
Old Devil Moon [Lane, Burton] [Harburg, E. Y.]
Now’s The Time [Parker, Charlie]
Nutville [Silver, Horace]
Manteca [Gillespie, Dizzy] [Gilfuller, Walter] [Gonzales, Luciano Pozo]
A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening McHugh, Jimmy] [Adamson, Harold]
Love Is Just Around The Corner [Robin, Leo] [Gensler, Lewis E.]
Lotus Blossom [Strayhorn, Billy]
Love Vibrations [Silver, Horace]
Monk’s Mood [Monk, Thelonious]
Moon Rays [Silver, Horace]
Mr. Magic [MacDonald, Ralph] [Salter, William]
Miles Ahead [Davis, Miles]
Minor Mood [Brown, Clifford]
Eye Of The Hurricane [Hancock, Herbie]
Everything I Have Is Yours [Lane, Burton] [Adamson, Harold]
Farmer’s Trust [Metheny, Pat]
Elora [Johnson, J. J.]
Epilogue [Evans, Bill]
52nd Street Theme [Monl, Thelonious]
Freight Trane [Flanagan, Tommy]
Fox Hunt [Johnson, J. J.]
Get Me To The Church On Time [Lerner, Alan Jay] [Loewe, Frederick]
Funky [Burrell, Kenny]
Four Brothers [Guiffre, Jimmy]
First Trip [Carter, Ron]
Filthy McNasty [Silver, Horace]
A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing [Strayhorn, Billy]
Criss Cross [Monk, Thelonious]
Dewey Square [Parker, Charlie]
Dance Of The Infidels [Powell, Earl ‘Bud’]
Crepuscule [Reinhardt, Django] [Blanche, F.]
Circle [Davis, Miles]
The Cooker [Benson, George]
Dexter Rides Again [Gordon, Dexter] [Powell, Earl ‘Bud’]
Duff [Hawes, Hampton]
The Drive [Nelson, Oliver, E.]
Eclypso [Flanagan, Tommy]
Early Autumn [Burns, Ralph] [Herman, Woody]
Down For Double [Greene, Fred]
Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful? [Rodgers, Richard] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]
Don’t Explain [Holiday, Billie] [Herzog, Arthur]
A Fool To Want You [Wolf, Jack] [Herron, Joel] [Sinatra, Frank]
I’m Confessin’ (That I Love You) [Neiburg, Al] [Dougherty, Doc] [Reynolds, Ellis]
I Wish I Didn’t Love You So [Loesser, Frank]
I Remember Bird [Feather, Leonard]
I Thought About You [Van Heusen, Jimmy] [Mercer, Johnny]
I’m Putting All My Eggs In One Basket [Berlin, Irving]
In Pursuit Of The 27th Man [Silver, Horace]
Infant Eyes [Shorter, Wayne]
Indiana (Back Home Again In Indiana) [Hanley, James F.] [MacDonald, Ballard]
I’ve Told Ev’ry Little Star [Kern, Jerome] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]
I’ve Found A New Baby (I Found A New Baby) [Palmer, Jack] [Williams, Spencer]
Idol Gossip [Mulligan, Gerry]
Ice Cream Kontiz [Konitz, Lee]
Hallucinations [Powell, Earl ‘Bud’]
Hi Beck [Konitz, Lee]
Head And Shoulders [Walton, Cedar]
Grooveyard [Perkins, Carl]
Gettin’ It Togetha [Timmons, Bobby]
Get Out Of Town [Porter, Cole]
Gravy Waltz [Brown, Ray] [Allen, Steve]
Ho-Ba-La-La [Gimbel, Norman] [Gilberto, Joao]
Humpty Dumpty [Corea, Chick]
I Don’t Stand A Ghost Of A Chance [Young, Victor] [Crosby, Bing] [Washington, Ned]
The Hucklebuck [Gibson, Andy]
Holy Land [Walton, Cedar]
Hocus-Pocus [Morgan, Lee]
Horace Scope [Silver, Horace]
Honeysuckle Rose [Waller, Thomas ‘Fats’] [Razaf, Andy]
Rockin’ In Rhythm [Ellington, Duke] [Mills, Irving] [Carney, Harry]
Right As Rain [Arlen, Harold] [Harburg, E. Y.]
Rubberneck [Rosolino, Frank]
Round Trip [Coleman, Ornette]
Pursuance (Part III) [Coltrane, John]
Polka Dots And Moonbeams [Van Heusen, Jimmy] [Burke, Johnny]
Red Cross [Parker, Charlie]
Quicksilver [Silver, Horace]
Silver’s Serenade [Silver, Horace]
Shine [Dabney, Ford] [Mack, Cecil] [Brown, Lew]
Suddenly It’s Spring [Van Heusen, James] [Burke, Johnny]
Subconscious Lee [Kontiz, Lee]
Saint James Infirmary [Primrose, Joe]
S’Posin [Razaf, Andy] [Denniker, Paul]
Serenade To A Soul Sister [Silver, Horace]
Sentimental Journey [Green, Bud] [Brown, les] [Homer, Ben]
Picadillo (A La Puente) [Puente, Tito]
One Foot In The Gutter [Terry, Clark]
On The Sunny Side Of The Street [McHugh, Jimmy] [Fields, Dorothy]
[Norman, Monty]
Our Language Of Love [Monnot, Marguerite] [Breffort, Alexandre] [More, Julian] [Heneker, David]
Night Song [Adams, Lee] [Strouse, Charles]
My Old Flame [Johnson, Arthur] [Coslow, Sam]
Oh What A Beautiful Mornin’ [Rodgers, Richard] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]
Now See How You Are [Pettiford, Oscar] [Harris, Woody]
Perdido [Tizol, Juan] [Lenk, Harry] [Drake, Ervin]
People Will Say We’re In Love [Rodgers, Richard] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]
Phase Dance [Metheny, Pat] [Mays, Lyle]
Petits Machins [Davis, Miles] [Evans, Gil]
Parisian Thoroughfare [Powell, Earl ‘Bud’]
Oye Como Va [Puente, Tito]
Pennies From Heaven [Johnson, Arthur] [Burke, John]
Peel Me A Grape [Frishberg, Dave]
Summer In Central Park [Silver, Horace]
Two Degrees East, Three Degrees West [Lewis, John]
Two Cigarettes In The Dark [Pollack, Lew] [Webster, Paul Francis]
Warm Valley [Ellington, Duke]
Until I Met You [Green, Freddie] [Wolf, Don]
Too Young[ Lippman, Sid] [Dee, Sylvia]
Three Base Hit [Martino, Pat]
Twisted [Gray, Wardell]
Turnaround [Coleman, Ornette]
Yardbird Suite [Parker, Charlie]
With A Song In My Heart [Rodgers, Richard] [Hart, Lorenz]
You’re My Everything [Warren, Harry] [Dixon, Mort] [Young, Joe]
You Can Depend On Me [Carpenter, Charles] [Dunlop, Louis] [Hines, Earl]
What’s New? [Haggard, Bob] [Burke, Johnny]
Wendy [Desmond, Paul]
Why Do I Love You [Kern, Jerome] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]
When Lights Are Low [Carter, Benny] [Williams, Spencer]
This I Dig Of You [Mobley, Hank]
The Core [Hubbard, Freddie]
Tempus Fugit [Powell, Earl Bud]
The Frim Fram Sauce [Ricardel, Joe] [Evans, Redd]
The Folks Who Live On The Hill [Kern, Jerome] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]
Tain’t What You Do (It’s The Way That You Do It) [Oliver, Sy] [Young, James]
Sweet Sue- Just You [Young, Victor] [Harris, Will J.]
Tangerine [Schertzinger, Victor] [Mercer, Johnny]
Take The Coltrane [Ellington, Duke]
The Way You Look Tonight [Kern, Jerome] [Fields, Dorothy]
The Things We Did Last Summer [Styne, Jule] [Cahn, Sammy]
These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You) [Strachey, Jack] [Marvell, Holt]
Theme From Mr. Broadway [Brubeck, Dave]
The Jody Grind [Silver, Horace]
The Gift! (Recado Bossa Nova) [Ferreira, Djalma] [Antonio, Luiz] [Webster, Paul Francis]
The Sweetest Sounds [Rodgers, Richard]
The Last Time I Saw Paris [Kern, Jerome] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]
Estate [Martino, Bruno] [Brighetti, Bruno]
Emancipation Blues [Nelson, Oliver]
Flying Home [Goodman, Benny] [Hampton, Lionel]
Ezz-Thetic [Russell, George]
Dindi [Jobim, Antonio Carlos] [De Oliveira, Aloysio] [Gilbert, Ray]
Didn’t We [Webb, Jimmy]
Einbahnstrasse [Carter, Ron]
Do Nothin’ Till You Hear From Me [Ellington, Duke] [Russell, Bob]
Hummin’ [Adderley, Nat]
High Fly [Weston, Randy]
I Remember You [Schertzinger, Victor] [Mercer, Johnny]
I Hear A Rhapsody [Fragos, George] [Baker, Jack] [Gasparre, Dick]
Gregory Is Here [Silver, Horace]
Georgia On My Mind [Carmichael, Hoagy] [Gorrell, Stuart]
Happy Little Sunbeam [Freeman, Russell]
Hackensack [Monk, Thelonious]
Crosscurrent [Tristano, Lennie]
April Skies [Collette, Buddy]
Alto Itis [Nelson, Oliver, E.]
Bags’ Groove [Jackson, Milt]
Avalon [Rose, Vincent] [Jolson, Al] [DeSylva, B. G.]
A Portrait Of Jenny [Burdge, Gordon] [Robinson, J. Russell]
A Ballad [Mulligan, Gerry]
Affirmation[Feliciano, José]
A Weaver Of Dreams [Young, Victor] [Elliott, Jack]
Bright Boy [Bright, John]
Bouncing With Bud [Legrand, Michel]
Comin’ Home Baby [Dorough, Bob] [Tucker, Ben]
Chameleon [Hancock, Herbie] [Jackson, Paul] [Mason, Harvey] [Maupin, Bennie]
Blame It On My Youth [Levant, Oscar] [Heyman, Edward]
Barbados [Parker, Charlie]
Blues In The Closet [Pettiford, Oscar]
Blue Silver [Silver, Horace]
I Will Wait For You [Legrand, Michel] [Demy, Jacques] [Gimbel, Norman]
Love, Look Away [Rodgers, Richard] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]
Locomotion [Coltrane, John]
Make Someone Happy [Styne, Jule] [Comden, Betty] [Green, Adolph]
Lover Man (Oh, Where Can You Be?) [Davis, Jimmy] [Ramirez, Rodger] [Sherman, Jimmy]
Like Sonny (Simple Like) [Coltrane, John]
Let’s Get Lost [McHugh, Jimmy] [Loesser, Frank]
Little Rootie Tootie [Monk, Thelonious]
Limbo [Shorter, Wayne]
Monk’s Shop [Montgomery, John L. (Wes)]
Moanin’ [Timmons, Bobby]
My Attorney Bernie [Frishberg, Dave]
Morning Dance [Beckenstein, Jay]
Menina, Flor [Bonfa, Luiz] [Toledo, Maria]
Memories Of You [Blake, Eubie] [Razaf, Andy]
Minor Mishap [Flanagan, Tommy]
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy [Zawinul, Josef]
Let’s Fall In Love [Arlen, Harold] [Koehler, Ted]
It’s A Blue World [Wright, Bob] [Forrest, Chet]
It Might As Well Be Spring [Rodgers, Richard] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]
Jackie [Hawes, Hampton]
It’s Only A Paper Moon [Arlen, Harold] [Rose, Billy] [Harburg, E. Y.]
I’m Just A Lucky So And So [Ellington, Duke] [David, Mack]
I’ll Know [Loesser, Frank]
In Case You Haven’t Heard [Shaw, Woody]
If I Loved You [Rodgers, Richard] [Hammerstein II, Oscar]
Lady Day [Shorter, Wayne]
Kids Are Pretty People [Jones, Thad]
Lennie’s Pennies [Tristand, Lennie]
Last Night When We Were Young [Arlen, Harold] [Harburg, E. Y.]
Jumpin’ With Symphony Sid [Young, Lester] [Feyne, Buddy]
Joyce’s Samba [Ferreira, Durval] [Einhorn, Mauricio]
Kary’s Trance [Konitz, Lee]
Just In Time [Styne, Jule] [Comden, Betty] [Green, Adolph]

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