The Jazz Freaks Handbook - New 2019 Revision


The Jazz Freaks Handbook is the creation of the Lowestoft born Jazz musician Dan Ball.

In the immortal words of Chappell & Co Limited; 'we are proud to make available to both jazz and serious musicians' this book of studies. Thank you for purchasing The Jazz Freaks Handbook. I hope that the contents of this book will keep you busy for a long while.
Originally, I did not intend to release these studies as a book, they were just for my own reference when playing or composing. However, due to a large amount of people saying they'd like a copy I ended up compiling all my studies and printing them for your enjoyment.
So welcome to, possibly, the most pedantic music theory book you could come across. That's all I will say as I am sure the book will speak for itself. Again, many thanks and good luck with the Jazz Freaks Handbook.

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