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VX I – Affordable 15-Watt Modeling Amp with 11 Amp models and 8 Effects in a one-piece ABS sealed cabinet
Redefining the modeling amplifier as you know it. Advanced technology that carefully recreates classic amplifier circuits, providing a more authentic tone.

Proprietary VET (Virtual Element Technology) models the actual circuitry of the original amp.
The new power amp stage employs an FET-equipped analog circuit and also models the sag and compression that is characteristic of classic amplifiers.
A sealed, one-piece speaker cabinet allows for overwhelming sonic performance and eliminates unwanted vibrations.
A unique bass-reflex design delivers an unprecedented amount of rich low end for an amplifier of this size.
The ABS cabinet material offers extremely light weight, durability, and unique acoustical properties.
Ultra-light weight design of 3.8 kg (8.38 lbs) shatters expectations for guitar amps.
A total of eleven extremely accurate built-in amp models, including coveted vintage amps and sought-after boutique amps.
A total of eight reengineered built-in effects: four types of modulation and four types of delay/reverb.
Power level control allows you to lower the volume without sacrificing dynamics.
Eleven song presets that instantly simulate the sound of historic songs and famous guitarists.
Two customizable user programs
Headphone output and AUX input for silent practice or playing along with your favorite tracks
An optional VFS5 foot switch allows for expanded user programmability.

So Try the Vox VX1 15W MODELING AMP today!

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