Jupiter JTB700V Bb Valve Trombone


The Jupiter 700 series valve trombone is the perfect combination of a trombone sound with valve action and a staple for marching bands, thanks mainly to its robust sound and its compact size. Jupiter’s JTB700V trombone provides outstanding value with high quality nickel silver sleeves. It offers a smooth response and a surprisingly high sound quality. This is an ideal student instrument, featuring a brass bell for outstanding projection and chrome plated inner slides. Stainless steel valves ensure quick action and smooth playing. The lacquered brass body is produced using state of the art technology to ensure an instrument of the most accurate scale and playability. Nickel silver outer slide with hand lapped chromed-inner slides offer superior response and a more centred tone. Supplied in a Jupiter lightweight backpack style case.


Tuning Bb
Bore 12.25mm
Bell: 203 mm, lacquered, brass
Leadpipe: nickel silver
Valves: stainless steel
Tuning slides: brass with nickel silver
Jupiter lightweight case

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