XO Bb Flugelhorn


XO Bb Flugelhorn

The XO flugelhorn is a cut above the rest, with a warm timbre, a full sound and a better projection. Instilling rock-solid confidence, it provides extensive control over slow, melodic passages and energetic virtuoso riffs alike. With single-piece handcrafted bell and bell brace, it comes in an professional classic style protective case. XO Sophisticated Brass are instruments with an elegant and sophisticated design that will satisfy musicians in search of new values and a distinctive sound. All XO brass instruments are developed in close collaboration with world-famous musicians who have shared their preferences and requirements regarding pro-grade instruments. Their valuable input and XO’s relentless quest for superior playability turn every single model of the XO Sophisticated Brass series into a premium instrument you will cherish for many years to come.


Key: Bb
Hand-hammered rosebrass bell
Valves: Monel
Leadpipe: nickel silver
Two-piece valve section
3rd valve trigger with mini-ball linkage
XO professional classic style case

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