XO 1270 Compensated Euphonium


XO 1270 Compensated Euphonium

The XO 1270 Professional Series Compensating Euphonium is designed to meet the performance needs of the pro-level player. The 1270 features a graduated bore with a compensating valve system for impeccable intonation. The rose brass leadpipe provides a warm, rich, focused sound. This euphonium has the response and playability demanded by virtuoso performers. It’s available in lacquer and silver plate. This instrument is at least the equal to the best instruments on the market. It has a warm tone and is instantly in tune on the top G, which as any player will know is the most out of tune note on the Euphonium. It is free blowing and blends well with either the wind or brass band. It has a fantastic tone for solo work. We very highly recommend this instrument as representing a real step forward compared to other instruments on the market.


Key: Bb
Bore: .590″ – .660″ graduated
Bell: 12.2″
Bell Material: Yellow brass
Bell Position: Upright
Valves: Stainless steel
Number of Valves: 4
Valve Position: 3 Top + 1 Side
System: Compensating
Case: ABS-Wood Shell Hybrid
Mouthpiece: Yes
Mouthpiece Shank: Large
Finish: Lacquer, Silver

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